Power Ukraine 2

Diesel Generators, the most greatly needed item in Ukraine, what we need, 8KVA PORTABLE DIESEL GENERATOR SINGLE PHASE. Please get in touch if you would like to donate a generator. We will take the generators directly to the border. Please donate.  


Project Computers

Our newest project is aimed at collecting laptops for  children in schools and for online learning where it is no longer possible to attend school. It is essential that despite the horrendous difficulties these children are facing, they will still be able to learn. Did you know that in Ukraine, a school cannot open if it does not have a bomb shelter or it must have blast walls. Quite a sobering thought!


Project Christmas Box


“Christmas Cheer for the children who need it most”.


Can you help make Christmas a happier prospect for the children who are refugees, three million children remain in Ukraine and we want to send a present for Christmas Day.

We are collecting small boxes filled with goods. If you can label the box with Boy or Girl and Age Range and send to

Pip Holmes, Great Hidden Farmhouse, Eddington Estate, RG17 0PW   


This is where our contact in Poland lives, they are about four miles as the crow flies from Ukraine

Where your donations will go

The village of  Horyniec Zdroj (as seen on the map) has a warehouse which distributes

 the aid we have delivered directly into Ukraine. As the war evolves, the situation and requests change. Earlier in our campaign we delivered 4 vehicles of essential aid that was required at the time on the Ukrainian side of the border - see completed projects.

Donations straight to the people who need them

Donations given to us will be taken by us straight to the people who need them, you may have already donated to larger UK based charities but these donations may take a while to filter down to the people who need them.