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The Team

Who We Are




Caragh is a force of nature and it is her drive and determination that has been instrumental in getting uktoukraine to where it is today.

She is an A* fundraiser and she will always find a solution to any problem that we encounter.

An original thinker with she will always look for more effective ways to get the job done and get the job done she does!  



Pip will lend her hand to whatever task is most urgent, her organisational skills have been instrumental in getting goods to Ukraine.  With a background in event management she is super skilled at providing structure to operations.

Pip has made a number of trips to the Ukraine, most recently to deliver our Victory Gardens project.




It was James who hatched the original plan, which evolved from sending a box of aid to the Polish border to pulling together the logistics of a 4 vehicle convoy! 

With military precision James has an eye for detail 

Well connected and faultlessly trustworthy, he has been instrumental in securing large donations during our fundraising drives.

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