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urgent projects


The Covers project


Covers has generously pledged to donate three Mercedes rigid crane lorries, a forklift and a rescue vehicle to UktoUkraine Planned departure date is August 14th

Covers and UKtoUkraine are asking for your support to:

1. Pay- for the cost of journey 

2. Buy- 2x 20ft containers

3. Fill- the containers 

4. Fridge and Freezers urgently required BBC WILTS APPEAL - 

5. Mini Digger or BobCat PLEASE

please Click below to find out more information about the project and how companies and individuals can maximise their help. 

LORRY LOADED BELOW....1 more to go - we need your help...

First lorry loaded (below) 2 more lorries to fill with your help...


Lorry 1 of 3 loaded!!

On board a Fork Lift Truck and Rescue Vehicle to be donated to StaySafeUA to help with their FRONT-LINE evacuations. 

Thank you Covers for making this happen.


The Kakhovka Dam


Please support our campaign to help victims of the Dam. This is a truly shocking crisis to add to their already unprecedented situation. 

Our partners were at the dam within 12 hours of it being blown up, they are a truly remarkable and brave team, having spent the entire war evacuating people from the front line. 

What we have done so far with your help:

We have already supplied a boat and invaluable long range radio's so the team can keep in touch with each other and continue to buy vital equipment for their ongoing rescue mission. 


Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 21.23.42.png

Victory Gardens 2023


A fantastic initiative that allows the Ukrainians to feed themselves over the coming months. We provide them with vegetable seeds and tools,  local communities come together to plant and harvest their vegetables.  These poor people have been indoors for months, this project not only allows them to feed communities but it offers a truly rewarding experience.

Our farming background and the support of our UK farmers is why this project is so viable.  In 2022 this was the most successful project we achieved. Thank you for your ongoing support – you have enabled us to make a make big a difference! Please donate...




Shelter near Bakhmut


This is a shelter for 150 refugees fleeing from Bakhmut. These refuges have been living under shelling and underground for nearly a year.

Their city is in a critical state and the only chance of survival is to get out. STAYSAFE are an organisation that UKtoUkraine has been in partnership since June 2022.


We support them by giving money to enable them to do their vital role in evacuating these people, providing shelter, food and somewhere to feel relatively safe!

Please help us to help them!

Donations straight to the
people who need them

Donations will be used for the specific project that were donated for. You may have already donated to larger UK based charities BUT please consider who we are and what we have achieved. UKtoUkraine is a small non-profit. We are not associated with any charity. 

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