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urgent projects

The Bo and Tats Project.
We can make a difference

Living under constant sirens, missiles, drones & artillery fire. These are the people we want to support.  These homes belong to the victims of the dam explosion and 9 months on, the situation is still critical with no government funds for help in remote villages.

For £1000 we can get a home back up and running. Each home gets 2 doors, 3 windows, roof & wall repairs and paint. This is organised by our partners 

 It may seem a small amount but it works. 

Thank you for your support



This is a shelter for 150 refugees fleeing from Bakhmut. These refuges have been living under shelling and underground for nearly a year.

Their city is in a critical state and the only chance of survival is to get out. STAYSAFE are an organisation that UKtoUkraine has been in partnership since June 2022.


We support them by giving money to enable them to do their vital role in evacuating these people, providing shelter, food and somewhere to feel relatively safe!

Please help us to help them!

Donations straight to the
people who need them

Donations will be used for the specific project that were donated for. You may have already donated to larger UK based charities BUT please consider who we are and what we have achieved. UKtoUkraine is a small non-profit. We are not associated with any charity. 

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