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Crayons/Pencils/Felt tips/paints

 Colouring books picture books etc

Cars Lorry's,

Games; Draughts, snakes & ladders or similar, 

Teddies and Dolls 

Jigsaw puzzles

Gloves/Hats and Scarves

Chocolate bars and sweets


Candles and holders

Soap, shampoo and shower gel

Tooth brush and tooth paste

Gloves & Scarves

Slippers & Socks

General Christmas items that you would want given to you.

We are taking your kind donations to Ukraine on 25th November

No need to be wrapped

We can take bigger items but please could you call us first: 07717 322030

Please send items to Pip Holmes, Great Hidden Farmhouse, Eddington Estate, RG17 0PW   


You can give us the items and we will pack for you.

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