Project Victory Gardens

Launched in Ukraine 28th May 2022  This project has now been completed

'VICTORY GARDENS' - a nation at war needs to be fed. This campaign aims to raise the funds to purchase as many vegetable seed and tools as possible and get it to Ukraine as quickly as possible! Once there, local initiatives will organise teams of villagers and refugees to plant and grow vegetables on land given for this purpose by local authorities. 

This project is being run in partnership with our award winning partners, the NGO Stowarzyszenie Folkowisko which is led by Marcin and his amazing team of volunteers. Marcin and his team will co-ordinate and distribute our seed and tool donations directly to the Villages that need them the most. We have seen first hand the massive areas that are available for planting and every village needs seed to ensure that they have a steady supply of vegetables to protect their families from the ongoing food shortages throughout Ukraine.

This mission is an extension of our original mission, “help us to help them… to help themselves”. It was inspired by an initiative led by Herbert Hoover during WWI. Hoover recruited a volunteer force of hundreds of thousands of women to fulfil his ambition to stave off starvation. He administered and distributed over two million tons of food to nine million war victims.

This is a very exciting project! This is also a very urgent project as the seeds need to be planted during the spring and early summer months!

One of our founders James Boughey recently featured in Farmers Weekly, read the article HERE

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"Dorset farmer leads mission to tackle Ukraine food shortage"

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The start of Victory Gardens...

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